Spring Onions

Spring, green and joy

We spent  our time indoors most of our week as Kara is still a bit ill and plus it rained as well.

But yesterday the sun was shinning(unlike today) and in the afternoon we went out in the garden to play ball, draw and of course snap some pictures too.

At the beginning the girls were a bit confused on what to do – you see the age difference is quite big at the moment as Anastasia is so young and Kara finds herself in the position to let her sister have most of the things.  Below Anastasia was playing in soil and was getting it everywhere. As she was laughing her head off ( you can’t really see from this picture as it is quite blurred) her older sister was watching her with a judging eye – just like a mother.

So while mummy was snapping away pictures of the garden they continued to play and laugh! Unfortunately there are no more pictures with my eldest as she decided yesterday that she doesn’t like being photographed anymore. What can I say? She is 5 going on 15!

But here are a few pictures from my garden/my parents:

Spring Onions
Spring Onions

The salad is still small but definitely looks good!


The lilac is fully bloomed too:

There was a lot of screaming when my eldest discovered a worm in the garden:

Guess was my youngest was doing all this time?

Laughing of her sister of course!

Kara kept chasing Anastasia through the garden as she was stealing the garden toys and crayons:

The hot day made the soil hard but you fear not as it rain last night and it still rains today now the soil is really moist so by next week the plants will probably a lot bigger!

appricot tree 
a green plant that makes flowers
another green flower


You know me I don’t always know their names but I like taking pictures in my garden.

This week we are joining in with two fantastic linkies:

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