Creating Art with Your Children

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Painting is one of my eldest daughter favourite activities. She loss it although she doesn’t really know what she is doing. What I mean by this is the fact that for now she only painted abstract lines on white paper or the toilet rolls that we use for crafting other things. I find painting a very relaxed activity and I really enjoy it when we just sit down together at the table and paint. The way we chat changes too – instead of question after question my daughter makes long pauses between questions. Sign she is very relaxed by the activity.

So when 3M Scotch send us some of their Magic Tape we were really excited to create our own art. First we had a look at what the master of craft Maggie (Red Ted Art) created and we’ve been really inspired:

Taking her example we (my daughter and I) tried to do something similar. For my daughter it was a bit difficult to stay of the scotch tape and for me it was quite hard to wipe the paint of it as she didn’t dilute the colour as much as Maggie’s daughter done above.

Below you can see her hard at work:

painting activity #kids

On the other side of the table I was painting two other papers were I wrote my daughters name with the Magic Scotch Tape:

I didn’t quite managed to wipe the paint off but I think that all three painting will be framed and put up on our picture wall. I love them!

If you would like to try out and create your own art with your children here is what you need to do:


Paint – any colours you might want; we choose yellow, red, violet and green


Paint Brush

Damp cloth or wet wipes

Scotch Magic Tape


  • Start by squirting plenty of paint onto a plate. Dispense strips of Scotch Magic Tape to a length of your choice and place in a random pattern on your paper. (Tip: make sure the tape is pushed down tight to prevent any paint from leaking)
  1. Using a paintbrush, paint over the whole area, including the tape, with your favourite colours

  1. Leave the paint to dry completely, and using a slightly damp cloth remove the dried paint on the Scotch Magic Tape

  1. Repeat this for the whole picture until your design has been revealed.

  1. And there you have your finished resist art project! 

For more ideas and inspiration on how to use Scotch Magic Tape for a range of everyday uses visit

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