I want a real wand mummy!

After feeling really poorly for more than a week yesterday my eldest start showing signs of feeling a lot better. We spent quite a lot of time outside and her questions about life and world in general kept coming.

She asked lots of things..some of which I knew how to answer..some of which I had to think before I answered…and some that really surprise me…I wonder how will you answer her questions…

“Mummy why are the plants green and the lilac purple?”

“Mummy where does the water go?”

“Why dogs can’t talk like in cartoons?”

“Mummy can you teach me how to fly?”

“Mummy why do I have to drink water? Can we not sit in the rain like plants?”

I am not going to tell you how I answered as I am sure you know my answers already.

But then a longer conversation followed:

“Mummy can you buy me a magic wand when you gonna have money pls?”

“Well we can make one if you would like?”

“Nah…I am going do dirty my hands if we do…”

“And I want a real wand mummy!”

“A real wand? What do you mean by that?”

“A real wand so that I can make magic with it…take us to London sometimes…bring daddy here more often..and by lots and lots of toys for Ana and makeup for me mummy!”

I wish it was possible to get one of those sweetheart but unfortunately they only exists in cartoons.”


“Then I want to move to a cartoon! Don’t you want to move there mummy?”

Yup the things that go through a child mind. She is only 5 but she is trying to find a solution for our family to be together more often.

I wish I could buy her a magic want that does that.


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