Please…stop judging!

Being overweight is not an easy thing! I mean seriously nobody wants to be overweight and of course as an overweight person I share the same wish. Some people choose to be overweight and some people struggle to not be overweight. If you know me you will certainly know that I am not part of the first category.

I don’t like being overweight – FAT as you will call me. And believe it or not I struggle to lose weight although you might not think so just by looking at me.

It’s been a long time since I barely ate any ice cream or drank any alcohol. I am not one that drinks every day like others might think I do and no I am not eating continuously.

When i see you looking at me when I DO EAT I can almost figure out what you are thinking…..

“Oh jeeh this is why she is so fat because she eats so much.”

“Hello! Do you even know what a diet is?”

And yes…I do know how is like to be on a diet. More or less I’ve been on a diet most of my life. Although in the past two years I’ve been at my heaviest I always been considered the fat one out of a group even though back then I wasn’t.


So please if you meet me and think of giving me any advice about dieting DON’T.

I know everything is needed to know about dieting and I don’t need to hear you advising me anymore.  Talk about weather or kids or fashion or world in general. These are the subjects that will make you interesting to me.

Don’t say:

“I think you should give up bread completely. I am sure you will then lose all this extra weight” – Really do you eat any bread? If so just shove it up your ass next time!

“I read on the internet that if you drink so and so in the morning you will lose so and so kilograms” – If I took as good all the information that can be found on the internet then I will probably be dead by now.

Don’t send me anything

“Did you receive that book I send you about dieting?” – YES. I did. And no i didn’t read it. I binned it straight away. Do you have any idea how many books about dieting and diets I already have?

I could continue but these words hurt me….deeply…and there are so many others.

I know what to do. I know the methods I need to apply in order to lose weight. I AM trying but things like this take time.


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