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When I committed to this challenge at the beginning of January I promised that I will make sure that I will take wonderful pictures every single month. Now already the 5th month since I started things are not always how we hope them to be. Although I took lots and lots of pictures from the beginning of the month but in none of them my girls are really sitting next to each other.

And I know that the picture above is not really with them together but I love them both for how thoughtful Anastasia looks and for how happy Kara looks. They love each other really although they do drive each other bonkers most of the time.

You see when there is an almost 4 years difference between siblings things can be difficult – especially at play time. Kara wants to interact with her little sister but her little sister wish is to grab all the things her eldest sister manages to put her hands on.

In the afternoon when Kara comeback from nursery they play with each other quite a lot though. Unfortunately as I don’t drive is a bit hard to get out and about to beautiful places but we have a garden so they play here – with a bowl , in mud , in the wooden house built by their father or by simply picking green leaves from the garden and putting them in their basket.

Kara is very protective with her sister and every time I need to run in the house for errands she looks after her – keeping her away from the bad areas of the garden or by not letting her eat mud.

Anastasia on the other hand is a very cheeky little girl. At only 17 months old she knows very well how to make herself more likable and forgiven even when she makes something she is not suppose to. If I tell her off or tell her she is not allowed to go somewhere she comes to me and put her head on me and then looks into my eyes and makes a sound: “MWAH”. It is her way to tell me that she wants to kiss me. I always give her a hug and a kiss! How could I resist! And then straight after she hugs me and kisses me she goes back to the thing she wanted to do in the first place. Cheeky one!

She already started to say a couple of words/phrases but they are mostly in Romanian although she understand both English and Romanian.

When we manage to go out is even harder to take pictures with the together as if Anastasia is out of the pushchair is quite hard to catch.

All I managed this month is to take the below pictures:

Hopefully next month will be more productive…

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dear beautiful

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