My little photo project…

Since my husband gave me his old DLSR camera and I also bought myself a 50 mm fixed lens I am taking more and more pictures with my girls, food, days out and nature. I love it although I know that I still have LOADS of things and tricks to learn.

The Better Photos Project that is running over on LAB inspires me every single week with tips and tools that I can use to make my photography better. I think I am starting to take better pictures than I used to take but I still a lot to learn about composition and styling especially when it comes of taking pictures with my food. By the way, if you have any tips about how to style my food pictures better will be great to hear from you.

I do think that my flower taking pictures are better than use to be a couple of months ago though:

IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7187

What do you think? Am I getting better or is it just my imagination?

I definitely need to buy another lens but for now I have to be happy with what I have as I really can’t afford something better.

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