Simple Cheesy Ham #Sandwich

Lunch with Philadelphia: Simple Cheesy Ham Sandwich

In my previous life I used to spend lots and lots of hours sitting on a chair in a front of my computer at work. Most days I even forgot to drink water or eat as I was so busy!

In my previous life, I used to hate warming and preparing my lunch at work.  But that was before I discovered Philadelphia cream cheese. Then my life became easier . I don’t like using butter in my sandwiches but love this cream cheese! I always buy the low fat variety because although I am addicted to cheese I need to watch my waistline.

I have a couple of suggestions for you but for today here is my favourite sandwich of all time (my girls and my husband favourite too):

And as you can imagine the recipe is very simple too:

Simple Cheesy Ham Sandwich

1 slice of wholemeal bread


A couple of thin slices of cheddar

1 slice of chicken ham

1 leaf of lettuce

  • Take one slice of wholemeal and spread as much Philadelphia cream cheese as you wish. I like a lot! Cut the slice in two.
  • On one of the slices lay the cheese, then the lettuce and last the ham.
  • Cover with the other half slice.
  • Put it on the plate and enjoy!

Simple! I love eating it while drinking some yoghurt – it goes better down the throat.

My girls enjoy it while drinking some warm milk while my husband loves drinking a big glass full of ice and cola.

Simple Cheesy Ham #Sandwich

How do you like your Philadelphia sandwich?

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Stayed tuned with the Romanian Mum Blog though as there is at least one more recipe coming by the end of the week!

For more simple and yummy recipes do watch Philadelphia’s video too:

Disclosure: We received the Philadelphia cream cheese for the purpose of this post.

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