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This year I started my first bucket list of places to visit until I will be 50. My first entry on the bucket list (which I promise I will soon publish on my blog too) is to go on a long cruise with my other half – English Dad. Our kids are young though and our resources quite little as you can imagine so next on my list is a mini cruise. I only found out a couple of weeks ago that such a short sea trip exist and it seems ideal for our financial resources at the moment. I am thinking that it could actually be achieved by the time I’m 40!

While searching the internet (oh how I love searching the internet) I found lots and lots of exciting mini cruises that hubby and I can take. What excites me is the fact that although we go away to enjoy we don’t have to spend huge amount of time away from our girls. Plus…I’ll tell you the a secret…I do actually suffer badly of sea sickness so the fact that I will not have to spend lots of time on the boat while it moves is perfect.  Let’s face it even a person that is usually sea sick can take 2-3 nights of travelling on the boat! Oh well this is what I hope.

My fellow bloggers and friends say that mini cruises are just perfect for when you want to get away during the weekend. Imagine you can be back by sunday evening even if you go away with your little ones. And if they have school they don’t even have to miss it.

Now I did go on one mini cruise with P&O cruise to Calais and then back and I was no prepared for it. My friend Claire and I had a great time but really had problems with sickness although I was not actually sick (you know what I mean i don’t have to describe you do I?

But now I want to talk to you about the romantic mini cruises without kids involved and that can give you and your other half time to enjoy yourselves. So thinking that childcare is sorted and our girls allow us to go away for a couple of days these are my top 3 mini cruises( also on the bucket list as places to visit):


Experience Amsterdam – Offered by Thomson cruises this is a 3 night mini cruise departing from Newcastle. I think Amsterdam is THE place where adults need to go without their kids. Don’t you think? Well this is how I imagine it anyway…Hubby visited Amsterdam twice already and from what he told you is the place to go to have fun! Loud and colourful is what I need:


Paris City Break – As you know if you read this blog for a while I visited Paris on my 30th birthday with my husband and my eldest daughter Kara. She was only 2 years old then so we spent a lot of time with her and always get back to the hotel my her bedtime. I want to visit Paris in a more romantic way – walks on Paris street, dining in the places where children are not allowed, and going to sleep when it cracks to day…oh…you know it…I dream a lot about breaks without kids like this…

There are lots of cruises like this so I am sure we will not have a problem finding one.


Venice to Venice – This is a mini cruise offered by Star Clippers and it is a round trip of 3 nights starting from Venice(Italy)  going to Rovinj, Croatia , then Piran, Slovenia and coming back to Venice again. Never visited any of these cities before but ever since I was little I wanted to visit Venice and then the other two are a plus in my eyes.

Oh how I would lvd to be in a gondola right now with my hubby:



These are the destinations I am dreaming to go too…where are you dreaming to go?





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