A new day

Today is a new day….

A day with sunshine…but a day without you here with us…

It’s just me and the girls getting back to what we always do when you are not here.

The girls are eating their breakfast as I am typing this and watching cartoon.

I’m sat typing away on the couch with a cold coffee on the radiator…and the end of the couch is EMPTY…and how I wish it wasn’t…

You are only 100 miles away…meeting and working with new people but you will soon leave further away and the time zone we will be in will be different again.

While you are away I feel like we are on standby. Well…the girls keep growing , developing and flourishing…and although I live and enjoy my life through them, emotionally I am on standby. I am dreaming at the day you will sit by me again, have breakfast as a family again and go out for walks again.

You see when you are away…I don’t have breakfast with the girls…instead I just drink my coffee…

Tears are wetting my cheeks now….It was lovely having you home even for a short while but now that you are not here…I feel how my heart is breaking in pieces….and I know that it will stay broken until you will be here again…

Be safe for us baby…We will be waiting here for you forever…just me and the girls….They are missing you too ALWAYS!

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