Prince Charles in Romania

Prince Charles – Romania’s fondest ambassador

Like he does every single year, his majesty Prince Charles visited Romania again last week. As I was telling you in my last post at the beginning of the year his majesty owns a house here and he even purchased a meadow for his first grandson George.

The meadow is beautiful and full of some of the most prettiest wildest flowers in the world. Some of them can only be found in Romania and I think this is one of the reasons his majesty loves Romania so much.

He tells us more about it in an interview he gave to one of the most prestigious reporters in Romania. Below you can only watch part of it as the full interview will be available later this month after it will be included in a romanian show called “Romania, Te Iubesc” (Romania, I love you).

But watch and listen how beautifully he talks about Romania from 00:26:


What do you think? Will you come and visit Romania?

Prince Charles in Romania Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 20.12.14

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