Siblings #June

Because of the Sibling linky I actually started to love to take pictures with my girls even more. Looking back at the previous 5 months it’s just wonderful This month my girls spent a lot of time in the garden playing or just relaxing on the carpet.

In the pictures below they are actually sitting with their grandmother on the blanket too eating pufuleti  and having lots of fun. Love to see them smiling and hear them laughing. The sound of them laughing brings joy in my life and I realise that this is the most important task – to make them laugh and all together happy!

My two are my reason for being and because of them I keep on going and want to make myself better!

IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7127

Kara is now 5 years and 3 months old – little princess that knows she is beautiful and wants to wear the best clothes. You should see her choosing her clothes every morning – she is even more careful than an adult! She continues to care for her sister like she always did and I can even leave them by themselves while I’m taking my morning shower.

Of course they also annoy each other at times…Anastasia adores her older sister and she just wants to do everything her sister does. She wants every single thing her sister touches being it a toy, a fruit or her sunglasses. Kara shares with her sister everything but of course there are moments when she is bored of sharing and just comes to juggle into my arms in tears.

This is when her sister follows (of course) and I end up holding them both tight in my arms. But that is only for a couple of minutes as very soon Anastasia wants just to cuddle her sister and she puts her head on her chest and arms tightly around her body. Kara always hugs her back and kisses her forehead. They look into each others eyes and all is good again – they start playing with each other again.

IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7130 IMG_7131 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7143 IMG_7149 IMG_7151 IMG_7153

I love my girls dearly and I’m looking forward to see them grow and continue to love and cherish each other as they do now. Sorry to add some pictures just with Anastasia she is too cute in them:




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