Craft: Tissue Paper Flowers

When Kara turned 5 years old earlier this year we prepared lots of home made decorations. I just knew that if I bought too many balloons the kids will just run around after each other and get sweaty and so on. So…because her party theme was Rapunzel Princess I went on to my so much loved Pinterest  and search for inspiration. I found lots of nice things but as I am so useless when it comes to crafting I only chose a couple of things to create with my own hands. One of the crafts is the one I am going to talk to you about today – Tissue Paper Flowers!

I bought lots of colourful tissue paper and followed the above instructions and I have to say my daughter was really happy to see them spread around our living room! I didn’t put them on a string to make a garland or in a tree like in the picture above. I simply put two together and hang them around our wall lights.

It was a big surprise for Kara when she wake up in the morning – the whole living room was already decorated for her birthday! She loves flowers of any kind and she insisted on leaving them hanged so now they are admired by whoever is coming into our house:

Tissue Paper Flowers

As you can notice from the above I didn’t actually cut the ages of them all so it’s fine you don’t do it wither. I love them in multiple colours and some looks like vegetables according to my daughter. Example the green one looks like a salad! LOL! She is right though 🙂

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