Eforie Nord #seaside #romania #romanian #holiday #beach

Our holiday in Eforie Nord, Romania

Romania as a country is beautiful. We have everything here – mountains, lakes and seaside – so if as a Romanian you can’t afford to fly anywhere then it doesn’t mean you can’t go on holiday. I was telling you a couple of months ago that we will be going for 3-4 days to Brasov. Oh well we cancel it because we realise that without a car will be really difficult as Anastasia is still quite young.

I felt really down about it as its been almost 10 years since I last visited any part of the mountains. Plus Brasov is one of my favourite towns.

But we decided that as my home town is so close to the romanian seaside will be really nice if instead we will visit Eforie Nord – the place where my sister and I use to go to the beach when we were teenagers. Why we loved it so much? Well it was because the sand patch was huge and that meant that it wasn’t as busy as in other romanian seaside resorts and a bit more wild.

Although my sister and I used to visit it every summer I have to admit that there are about 12 years since I last visited it. I was expecting it to look different but not as much. The little town is twice as big right now, the three shops that I used to know disappear and dozens others appear in their place, there are lots of restaurants, clubs, tattoo places and even kids areas to play. Now it looks like any other resort from Spain or UK really although the prices are a lot cheaper.

The beach it’s all really organised and full of big umbrellas and sun beds. The water its warm and more clear than ever despite being called – Black Sea.

Eforie Nord #romanian #seaside #holiday

I almost felt like I didn’t love it anymore but then realise that it didn’t lose it charm. I love the fact that there are still portions of the seaside where you can still lay down in peace and I love watching the water splash on the rocks.

Eforie Nord #seaside #romania #romanian #holiday #beach


Eforie Nord #summer #romania #beach #holiday


It was nice to have a holiday. Just the four of us…away enjoying ourselves , relaxing and splashing in the water – I just wish it could be like that forever.

The girls really enjoy their time. The play in the sand a lot with each other but they made friends too – although new ones for every single day. We made holes and sand castles…we picked shells for our huge collection at home. It felt like bonding and it was great to see the girls so in love with their father. Although Amastasia she rarely calls me “mama” she calls her father over and over “Daddy”.

anastasia and daddy




Anastasia was really fascinated about sand but quite scared by water while Kara just loved everything about being at the seaside – the sand, the sun, the sun beds , the water and of course the evening treats: bouncing castles and slides and even big balls! Oh and let’s not forget the circus but about that in a different post!

See my girls enjoying their time in the pictures below and for one rare moment I let my husband take a picture with me so in the last one you can see me and my girls at the circus.

Anastasia anastasia1 anastasia2


thegirls kara11 karaanddaddy mygirls


If you would like to go for a holiday in Eforie Nord please continue to read below.

The whole adventure costed us about £450 for 4 nights of accommodation in a villa(without any food included), all the food that we ate at the restaurants on the beach and in the town, the sun beds rent, the entertainment and the little gifts that we bought. Quite reasonable I think and believe me we didn’t refuse ourselves anything.

For a more detailed presentation of the Eforie Nord beach resort watch this space.



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