create recycled pen holders #prechool and learn to count

Create pen holders and teach your kids to count

I am not a crafty as you know but I like to create things that my kids enjoy creating and playing with. My eldest and I coloured lots and lots of toilet rolls so I’ve been looking online for ideas. There are lots, especially on Pinterest but there are a couple of websites I always look at are Maggy’s well known Red Ted Art and Rebecca’s – Here come the Girls Blog where you can find lots of cute girly crafts.

As I trying to teach Kara more about counting in English and romanian I thought that a pen holder will be really helpful and I was right! She loved it and when she draws she always uses it as a pencil holder splitting her pencil and pens by colour.

create recycled pen holders  #prechool and learn to count



If you would like to create this for your kids here is what you need:

  • toilet rolls
  • paint brushes
  • paint in different colours including black
  • glue
  • lots of pen and pencils for you child to play with

Simply collect toilet rolls, colour them in your child favourite colours and then let them dry.  When they are dry write the numbers on them with colour black. Let them dry and then using a glue gun or simply glue stick the painted toilet rolls to each other. It is easier to use a glue gun as it dries quick. If you are using normal glue let it dry and then pass it to your child to enjoy, play and count.

You can also watch the video I made on youtube below:


For more crafts why don’t you visit Rebecca’s blog and especially her post with 100+ Crafts for Kids.

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