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#RealMumsAllBran – 5 Day Challenge

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day! What are you having for breakfast?

I start with a coffee always! I know most say I should be eating first and then drink the coffee. But I can’t even prepare my girls their own breakfast before I drink at least a couple of mouthfuls of coffee.

Before I move to UK a bit over 8 years ago I used to eat a continental breakfast – sometimes tea with a slice of bread filled with jam or honey or just a simple croissant with a huge cup of coffee.

When I moved to UK however I discovered cereals and porridge. So many enticing types but in the end I settled for one type – simple porridge with a couple of tablespoons of honey and nuts. Heaven I tell you. Since I started having trouble with my weight though my search for a healthier breakfast started too so I moved from porridge to just fruits with yoghurt or a bowl of buckwheat with honey. Can you tell how much I love honey don’t you?

Buckwheat is also good for bloating as it keeps it away – believe me I had problems with constipation all my life so it’s really important for me.


Kellogs All Bran


As a person that like new things to try always. So when I was challenged to try out Kellogg’s new All-Bran cereals as part of the #RealMumsAllBean 5-Day Challenge I was delighted.

But why is it a challenge?

Well ,Kellogg’s wants to prove all mums how good their cereals are for our tummy’s and for relieving that bloated feeling all while still enjoying tasty and sweet cereals.

Apparently 90 to 95 per cent of the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin is made in the gut? According to a study* of 1,000 UK women found 52 per cent experience digestive complaints, such as bloating or gas, at least once a week. Eating fibre everyday is a simple remedy for happy tummy’s!

As a person who is trying to keep herself and her daughters away from everything sugary I was intrigued. As you can imagine my girls trailed the cereals at the same time with me and we all have our favourites and we continue eating them for more than 5 days.

We received three types:

  • Golden Crunch – my favourite 
  • Red Berry Crunch – my 20 months old favourite – she grins when she crunches them between her teeth;
  • Chocolate Wheats – my 5 year old favourite(which she begs I continue buying as now is finished – it finished fast as she loved it so much)

But what did I think? Did it really help?

IMG_9851 IMG_9852

OH YES! It helped me and believe it or not it helped my girls!And my eldest is like me – same constipation problems. We now even go a couple of times a day! And believe me I was surprised.

Although the cereals contain a lot less sugar, saturated fat and salt than other cereals they still have more than I usually prefer to serve in one meal for me or for my girls. However the fact that it kept our tummies happy makes me let go to my controlling behaviour when it comes to food and to definitely buy Like with all the products that we love these cereals in the future!

As with like all things that we like I thought it will be nice to create a little video:



Hope you like it,


This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kellogg’s.



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