My two, their friend and the sun

I love taking pictures with my two girls. As I recently changed the face of this blog I went through my old posts and realised that the posts that always make me happy are the ones about my girls and it’s just great to be able to go back and see how they grow and develop.

They both love outdoors and if I dare to keep them indoors all day because of the weather or other reasons by the evening they are very noticeable sad. Having a garden is such a plus – no more spending time on a crowded balcony in London….having the park only 3 minutes walking is lovely – no more trips with the red bus.

Of course we miss London – my eldest and I especially – but spending more time together, having more cuddles is a lot more important.

I am sure that you probably already saw some of the pictures on Facebook but here are some more , a bit touched up ones.

Some of the pictures are really funny especially the ones with my eldest and her friend Ioana.

See how much they love spending time in the sun and with each other.


Day out with the scooter ki1

k k1


ki3 k4 a4 a2 a1 a

IMG_7190 IMG_7191

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