Video Time: The month of June

June 2014


My girls are growing more fond of each other by the day and I love to see how much they love each other. Although my iPhone camera is not fantastic I took quite a few videos last month – some with both girls and some just with Anastasia as Kara was still going to nursery so my little one and I were spending a lot more time alone.

First I have a video of my two girls dancing and spinning around – they both love music like their parents and we are really happy to see them like that:

They are very funny and Anastasia is insisting on spinning around for some reason ignoring even the fact that she can hurt herself. I have quite no idea why she loves the sensation of spinning. She still doesn’t talk but I guess it is understandable as we speak to her in two languages and speaking comes harder when that happens. She says a few words but mainly in romanian and she stopped calling me ’tilia…which I actually miss…Now she calls me simply…”nany” like her sister used to when she was little. She also calls around for her sister saying “iaia” instead of Kara and her grandfather “nunu”. the only one she really calls like she should do is her father, the one she doesn’t see that much…”Daddy” and her face lights up instantly when she sees him!

Look what she’s been up to:


Spending time in the garden is fun but even more so when we play with soil, giggle and scream:




I love spending more and more time with my girls. Kara is already on holiday so we will spend lots more time together which means that you will see even more videos with my girls. And of course pictures too. I have planned a real photoshoot for the Siblings Project this month and hopefully we will have lots of sun so that we can do that outside.

On another note I am really getting sad as I see that my little baby is no longer a baby…She will soon turn 19 months old and the days a=when she was content just to sit in my lap and cuddle are gone. Three of my cousins are pregnant and expecting sometime this year so I really feel like I want another baby but probably another baby will not be advisable right now especially of how I suffered with my births. But when I see babies is very hard is like my insides are saying…”You need another one! Look they are so cute!”

If you enjoyed watching my videos and you would like to up to date with my videos (which I don’t always post on the blog) then I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

And like my husband will say…Till next time!

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