Playing with mud in the garden

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Although we’ve been on holiday this last month and spent a lot of time taking pictures (hubby and I) , as it happens most of the pictures were with either Kara or Anastasia, very rarely together. The only pictures we took were the ones with the girls playing in the garden with mud! Can you believe it?


I mean they were pictures with the girls together but like in these ones it was either only one looking at the camera or neither of them…So why I chose these ones then? Well because they are playing together in these pictures. Although the age difference is quite big Kara learned how to share things with her younger sister and Anastasia how to join in.

The love they share is still grand and you can see them hugging or kissing each other through the day. Of course, there are screams and moments when my siblings fight with each other. Every now and then Kara is exasperated by the fact that Anastasia wants every single thing she touches and you should hear Anastasia’s scream when she doesn’t get everything she wants.

Kara is kind with her sister though and always looks after her – she protects her from the dangers of the garden when I am not around and keeps her from putting things in her mouth.

We are all amused by Anastasia’s attempts to speak in both languages romanian and english. Sometimes I think she actually combines the words and altogether I found how fantastic it is that she understands perfectly both languages.

And finally she calls me in the morning (as well as her daddy) to pick her up from her cot – “mummy, mama, mummy”. IU guess she didn’t decide yet which way she prefers to call me :).

I love them so much but they of course drive me potty so many times too – see single hand parenting can be exhausting at times. Anastasia started her tantrums couple of months ago although she only turns 2 in 4 months time only and Kara…she is still jealous at times and because she misses her daddy too she cries out of the slightest of things. There are days when is hard to keep my sanity but fortunately most of the time they just make me HAPPY and you can see how HAPPY my girls are just because they get to spend time with their MUMMY!

The pictures and their play in the mud reflect their life here very well – pretty much in the outdoors enjoying everything that’s for them at this age to enjoy – playing with mud, stones and leaves and running around.

Playing with mud in the garden

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