My bilingual 21 month old

Our journey as a bilingual family continues and is more fun than ever especially because of my youngest daughter Anastasia. She is now 21 months old and loves discovering her surroundings more than ever. She loves singing, adores dancing and her vocabulary is increasing by the minute!

We continue to speak to them in both languages – Romanian and English and she understands both although in my opinion she understand english better than romanian. Better said…she is more receptive to english than romanian.


Her vocabulary has mixed words in romanian and english. She identifies some things in romanian and some things on english. An example is in the video below where she calls the CAT – pisica(the romanian word) and the horse – horsey. I tried several times (more than in the video) to teach her to call the animals in the other language too but it’s just pointless. She either can’t say it or she only recognises them in one language.

It’s weird and I am afraid I know way too little about bilingual learning to tell you.

Need to read more

I need to read more about it so I can do a better job so if you have any advice or material to read please do forward to me.

Overall Anastasia is a very bright and fun child and is always smiling. And when I say always believe me it is always. Very rarely she gets upset or cries which is great!

I love her so much and I know that I am going to miss this stage of her life a lot!

Here is my baby that will soon will leave her baby years behind…

IMG_7323 IMG_7324




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  • Wave to Mummy

    We’ve got the exact same thing, mymlittlenone says some words in Finnish and others in English, but I think she understands both. Maybe it is just easier for them tonpronounce certain words and that’s why they do it. I am sure it is ok though and just a matter of time 🙂

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