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Craft with Washi Tape: Pencils and Book Signs

I had some wash tape sitting in my crafty box for a while now and as my eldest started school this month I wanted to both do something with it. And we did.

So as I love Pinterest and there is a lot of inspiration there we chose to decorate some plain pencils I bought for school and some book signs.



Materials for pencils:

  • plain pencils
  • coloured washy tape – your preferred designs
  • pom poms
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Simply stick the washy tape at the end of the pencils. Here Kara chose and stick them all by herself. I used a glue gun to stick the pom pons.


IMG_0426 IMG_0427
IMG_0431 IMG_0432


Materials for books signs:

  • cardboard
  • washy tape
  • foam and glittery shapes
  • markers
  • scissors

Cut the cardboard in the shape of the book sign you want. It doesn’t have to be normal like the ones you see in the pictures below. Decorate them as you wish really.I decorated the glittery one and Kara the other one. I think Kara done a really good job don’t you think?

IMG_0435 Craft with Washi Tape: Pencils and Book Signs #Craft with Washi Tape: Pencils and Book Signs

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