The dryness test with Pampers 

When we were preparing for our eldest birth we put ourselves the questions of nappies – reusable or disposable. We bought both in the end as we just couldn’t decide: a start up pack for cloth nappies and one pack of new born disposable nappies.

Pretty quick after our daughter was born we realise that the disposable nappies we bought were our choice. We felt more comfortable using them and plus we didn’t have to do match besides taking them out of the box, put them on the baby and dispose when it was dirty.

We also tried different types of disposable nappies but as we were disappointed we always got back to the ones we bought in the first place – Pampers new born.

We used them ever since with our eldest (now long time of her nappies) and with our second daughter. Of course the type we used changed and the one range we like using now that our youngest is almost a toddler are the Pampers Active Fit. Anastasia is just so comfortable using them and when she thinks she is too full she even shows me.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was asked by Britmums and Pampers to try out the new Active Fit range – premium protection.

I used them on Anastasia and she seems ok using them.

However I was also asked to do the dryness test too and show it to my readers. In the video below you can see what I’ve done and you could also try it with the type of nappies you own 🙂

The test showed me that the nappy stays very dry after your baby makes a wee wee which is really good. 150 ml of water poured over the nappy is quite a lot and I am thinking that that will be about 2-3 wee wee’s in total. Not sure…just assuming…Still the dryness felt after is very good.

As you saw in the video the tissue had a couple of water marks but i did press quite hard as my daughter like to bump a lot on her bum bum.  Still is very good.



We will continue to use Pampers Active Fit and next time Im in the shops I will definitely look for the premium protections packs.

Do you use Pampers and if you do what do you think?

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