Asda Wooden Toys Review

We have lots of toys for the girls but as kids do and they always get excited for new toys my girls are not very different. So when I was asked to review the new range of wooden toys from George Asda I was really happy to say YES!

Next we had to choose the toys I wanted for the girls and it had to be something they will both enjoy. So I asked for my eldest daughter help and she come up with the below:

  • 2 in 1 Wooden Play Shop & Cafe
  • Wooden Toy Cash Register
  • Wooden Ice Cream Set


The last two are not in stock at the moment but I am sure they will be. For example the vessel was not in stock when we ordered the above but now it is. It just shows how popular they are.

We waited a bit for the toys to arrive and then my girls were really inpatient…and quite funny:

IMG_1723 IMG_1726

They are quite funny! LOL!

But soon enough mummy started to unpack the boxes and they were really happy and excited to discover every single piece of toy.

IMG_1728 IMG_1731 IMG_1732

Although we chose them so that both girls can play together these are definitely more for my youngest age. She likes the way she feels them in her hand and like that she can play with “moonii” as she calls money and “scream” as she calls ice cream.

Of course my eldest was happy too:


And while mummy was struggling for about an hour to put up the 2 in 1 Shop and Cafe the girls continued to play with the ice creams and the till. Quite quietly I must say.

Every now and then my eldest was asking: “Are you almost ready mummy?” or a scream from my youngest as she wanted to be the only one to play with the toys.

IMG_1767 IMG_1754 IMG_1750

I think that you can see in the pictures how much they enjoy their new toys. Now a couple of weeks later they still enjoy playing with them (especially my youngest) and I am sure they will enjoy playing with them for a while still.

I like the quality of the toys despite the fact that compared to other wooden toys are quite cheap. They also have an easy grip – thing I noticed it at my youngest. We have some other Montessori wooden toys she can’t really hold that well with her little hands.

I like that these toys are putting their little heads to a lot of thinking and they develop their imagination more than any other electronic games.

Besides the toys we choose there are lots others and you can get your children lots of other wooden toys. The prices are the best on the market and I highly recommend them. I am hoping to get my girls an easel and a kitchen 🙂

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