Low calorie apple and cinnamon muffins



A while ago I was sent some of the best ingredients and asked to replicate one of the recipes from the Baking Mad website. And so I did. Tried out the recipe for apple and cinnamon muffins.

You can of course find the recipe on their website by clicking the last link above. However, I had to adjust the ingredients as the ingredients didn’t come together quite well. I added a tiny bit more flour – 50g – as the batter was a bit too floppy and I was afraid that they will not raise. I still baked some muffins where I didn’t add the extra flour and they didn’t look good at all.

The others end up as you can see in the photo above and the girls love them. They were great as a treat in my eldest packed lunch and my youngest loved having them for breakfast with a glass of warm milk.

There is something they don’t tell you though…YOU HAVE TO STORE THEM IN THE FRIDGE or eat them all the same day as the danger of them going off is quite high as they contain apples.



We will continue to inspire from the Baking Mad website maybe some other time too but we always make sure that we will adjust our recipes accordingly and that we will use our common sense. And make sure you do the same!

Their website is filled with lots of yum recipes so it is very good for the once with no inspiration or for people that don’t know much about baking!

Thank you again for sending fantastic ingredients!



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  • Erika

    They look good! So you ended up using the original recipe or made more fixes for the dough? I ended up not understanding… Thanks for the recommendation!

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