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Motherhood. Always imagine myself having kids and a family ever since I was a little girl and I was talking with my friends about the future. Motherhood meant so many things for me when I first become the mother of my eldest 6 years ago and means so many more things to me now that I am a mother of two.

If you are a mum you know what I am talking about – not mentioning the actual birth and continuing in the first year with sore nipples, sleepless nights, endless crying, snotty noses, milk spills and continuing in the coming years with tantrums, moods, jealousy etc.

My eldest is 5 and a half , my youngest 1 . I am sure that motherhood will change in the coming years and some days will be more wonderful than others while others will be a lot harder than I could ever imagine right now.

All I can say is that I am looking forward to see them grow and flourish , to love them more and more each day. I simply couldn’t ever imagine how much I could love my baby girls but I know for sure that I will definitely love them more as the time goes.

To celebrate motherhood Cussons Mum & Me gathered some mums and their babies and created this funny video:

To all the mums out there – Like it says in the video…being a mum is not always glamorous especially for us normal mums but it’s beautiful and with love you will pass easier through all.

The video above marked the launch of a product called Cussons Baby Bath To Comfort Snuffles which I am looking forward to try with my youngest. As part of the campaign, Cussons also asked some more mums to make a little video in which to talk about what motherhood means for them. I also created a video for you so if you like to have a little laugh please go on and watch it here:

Big thanks to Cussons for asking me to take part in their Voice Of Mums campaign by making this video. I discovered I am not as bad as I thought in front of the camera after all. 

What is motherhood for you? Why not also take part by creating your own video?

Cussons mum&me


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  • Trish

    Loved watching both videos – couldn’t agree more with your video, Otilia – the love you have when you hold your baby for the first time and the fact that your priorities change. Oh and the snot and tantrums too!

  • HPMcQ

    the same can be said for fatherhood too, not just exclusive to us mummy’s. oliver was far more broody than me, so when we fell pregnant i was the one in shock and him the one with the pregnancy glow and excitement!

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