Name Wall Decoration

Simple name wall decoration

Ever since my eldest started to write her own name everywhere she also started to wish to have her name written in some way on her bedroom wall.

So when I visited the local stationary shop and found this fab glittery cartoon with glue on the back I immediacy thought about my daughter wish.


But how exactly should I do it? As you know I am not very good at crafting things so had to ask for my mum’s help. First I thought that we should cut out the letters out of simple cartoon and the cover them with the glittery one. But then we realised that we could just stick the glittery one straight to the wall.

So instead I took the letters that my mum cut out and use them to draw on the back of the glittery cartoon as on its back it had white paper.


Then I cut out the letters out of the glittery cartoon. Look how pretty they look. Kara chose purple and red and it really suited her bedroom.
Simple name wall decoration Simple name wall decoration




Then we simply took the white paper of the back of the cartoon and stick it on the wall – a bit higher so that Anastasia will not pull it off.

Simple name wall decoration



And as you can see Kara was really happy. On top of the birds and flowers that she already had on her wall she now has her name in glittery letters.

IMG_0741 IMG_0742 Simple name wall decoration Simple name wall decoration


You see? It is really easy to put a smile on a child’s face! We should all do it more often with simple inexpensive things like this. And let me tell you its been there for a couple of weeks and it didn’t fell off yet so it’s really good.

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