The year that passed

There is a bit over a year since I moved with the girls back home. It’s been a difficult one and I must say that the biggest part of my 2014 is already gone and I don’t feel like I achieved a lot. Not anything new anyway…

My life is still the same. Split between my girls, my daily duties and the blog. Trying to change and achieve better things but besides the girls that keep on growing nothing seems to change. Husband only visited three this year and there will be another two month until we will see him again. Life is hard and although we are apart we don’t seem to be able to save any money either.

Every time I think and wonder how things will be in the future I get a feeling of emptiness in my stomach and soul. The insecurity of not knowing exactly where we will be, how long this part of our life will be and fear of growing apart from each other doesn’t allow me to sleep sometimes.

Just before I met my husband I had someone make me an astrology reading and she told me then that I will marry someone and go away from my home country. I couldn’t believe it then but as it happens this week I found in my moms house the papers she then gave me and I realised it all came true. i wish I was reading a bit more careful than or just take them with me in UK. Her readings went as far as to tell me that after I will go in my 30’s some years of quietness will come and even though I will not grow professionally I will grow spiritually! Interesting don’t you think?

My last couple of years were spent mostly at home with my girls and although I kind of stagnated professionally because of my girls I feel like I developed as a human being. Look how wonderful and beautiful they are:

IMG_0817 IMG_0833

My beautiful girls are my true achievement in life. The ones I turn to whenever I am down and sad, the ones that will put a smile or laugh on my face no matter how upset I am that day.

Thinking of my last experience with astrology I would very much like to turn again to the services of a professional. At least to know how my next 5 years will be so I ca calm down and start resting through the night.

So this is how I started to search the web and stumble upon The Circle. Of course there are lots of others but what I especially like about them is the fact that they have so many ways to communicate(phone, pay by phone, chat ,video chat) and the instantly started a chat with me to find out what I am looking after. I  chatted to someone called Allison and she gave me the details I need it.

I am in two mind about reading my astrograma – I really want to know the details of my future but I am scared. If I knew exactly what was waiting for me before I moved home more than a year ago….would i have made the same decision?

I don’t know…The first 6 months were the worse and things are starting to be easy but it’s never easy really. I try to be a mother and a father most of the time and sometimes I lose my patience more than I want to…I just hope and pray doesn’t make me a bad mother.

What do you say? Should I wait for life to show me the path or should I cheat and look into my reading?

Sometimes I think that the only thing I need to do is to look into my daughters eyes to see the future!

IMG_0784 IMG_0811


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with The Circle

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  • julie

    your future is your beautiful girls and it is ok to get a little more cross with them than you would like as you are only human . I think you are an amazing mum your girls are so happy and contented. it is also ok to get scared of the future I know I do but as long as you have your girls and they make you smile when you are sad then you know you can achieve anything also take one day at a time and don’t underestimate the power of a cuddle with your girls it can be very healing as can a walk in the fresh air. make the most of your time with them while they are little it goes so fast my elder two are11 and 13 years and would rather be with friends now than there old boring mum , I am learning to understand that they need me in a different way now mostly for food and phone credit, at least my other two are still small . keep your chin up , smile and the future will take care of it self x

  • Penny A residence

    You reminded me, just before I left uni I went to see a psychic lady who told me I would meet my husband as soon as I left. I did! I read a brill article in Red about how more people are using psychics to take the stress out of decision making and to confirm gut feelings. Gosh your girls are beautiful!

  • Helen Neale (@KiddyCharts)

    Oh Otilia – it is only human to doubt, but everything you do, everything you have done is for the right reasons – and those girls, and their big, bonny smiles are a credit to both you and your husband. You will get through the uncertainly, you really will xx

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    As you might imagine I’m not into astrology at all and I’m so sorry you are parted from your husband at the moment, of course I believe good will come from it and your girls are wonderful Otilia. Mich x

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