Piata Universitatii 2014

Change for Romania!

Piata Universitatii 2014


The socialist party lost the presidential elections yesterday and the romanians everywhere are happy! I think that happy is probably not an enough word to express how romanians are feeling today!

Yesterday a revolution happened! A revolution on the streets of Romania and UK, Italia, Germany, France etc….a revolution online where the young people especially were revolted by the fact that people that were trying to vote outside Romania were treated badly. But in the end the desperation and the upsets transform in happiness! Although not everyone manage to vote we showed that we still want Romania to change! We don’t want to be considered as a socialist or communist country anymore!

We chose a new kind of president for Romania! A german ethnic! A president that showed that things can be done and things can be good even in Romania! If you ever visited Sibiu you will know.

I was only a child when the Revolution in ’89 happened but my generation showed that the CHANGE can happen!

Romanians are singing happily their national hymn in the same place where the revolution took place 25 years ago:


That’s it from me today! I will celebrate the victory of democracy and liberty today with my family!


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