Christmas Cards

Christmas Tree Cards

Christmas Cards


If you were watching my instagram or Facebook timeline last night you saw that my eldest and I were making these fab Christmas tree cards. So simple to make but they look so good.


– A4 colored cardboard/paper (thicker);

– glittery foam with glue on the back;

– cookie christmas tree shape;

– scissors;

– pencil;

Fold and cut the A4 sheets in two and then fold the cut pieces of card board again in two just like a card. Using the pencil trace the shape of the christmas cookie on the back of the glittery foam. The glittery foam is supposed to have a paper on the back to protect the gluey side.

Using scissors cut the shape of the tree. If your child has steady hands let her do that. When the cutting is done let your child peel the back of the glittery foam and stick on the piece of the cardboard you prepared as a card.

As you see we didn’t only use the usual color – green for the tree – we miss them up and they look really cute.


We even use the scraps – the long pieces of glittery foam to create the shape of the tree:

Or to make smaller cards to put outside the boxes or to use for Kara’s friends at school:


Some of these will be used to put in our Shoeboxes that we will collect and create this year – a new project my family will take part. So what do you think? Are you going to try and make some of these cards?

We will comeback with some other Christmas Crafts we made these last couple of weeks but for now here are some of the crafts we done last year:

Tree Paper Garland

Crepe Paper Christmas Trees

Christmas Wreath

Snowman and Christmas Tree

Painted Pine Cones



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