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My girls are continuing to grow fast! As I continue to grow old they continue to grow and bloom and obviously to become even more gorgeous than they used to be! And..every single day I am surprised of the love that I have for them. How is it possible to love them tomorrow even more than I love them today?

Every day I am surprised of how smart they are and how much love they love each other and how much care they show for each other! Of course they do fight and my youngest sometimes slaps my eldest…but then my eldest looks up to her and Anastasia hugs and kisses her…They never stay more than a couple minutes upset with each other…which is lovely!

The pictures for this month are again indoors as we spend more time…indoors. I find it quite difficult to go out with my DLSR while I’m out and about with my girls. My youngest is turning two next month so…she is having a lot of tantrums and kick outs at the moment especially when we are out so….yeh. you understand.

But we do have fun indoors too…

IMG_1908 IMG_1917 IMG_1938 IMG_1939


I am shooting using the manual setting at the moment quite a lot so some of my photos will be a bit blurred until I will learn how to take better pictures…the girls move a lot so it is quite hard to catch them.

Although still quite little Kara is looking more and more like a little lady. If you remember I was sharing with you that her baby teeth are late to fall off…Well now two of her bottom ones are moving and in the last week one of her big teeth came out…So my little princess has now shark teeth 🙁 And of course I am worried. She is so sensitive to pain that I am scared to try and pull out her baby teeth or take her to the dentist to do it…

Tonight I was wondering…while reading the internet…Where does she take it from? You know 1 in 10 kids get it? Well I then remembered that I had the same when I was little. My parents had to pull out my tooth with a sewing thread. An old way to deal with things…

So I guess my eldest is more like me than I thought 🙂

IMG_1861 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1889

Even when doing simple things they have fun! Seeing them laugh like above makes my heart smile!


dear beautiful



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