Christmas Tree

Keep your kids entertained this Christmas

During the Christmas holidays is the time when your children are most energetic – they have a tendency to run around from the minute they wake to the minute they fall asleep. Believe it or not, it is actually during the school holidays that children cost parents the most amount of money – and not due to their desire for more toys.

Christmas Tree

On average children cost their parents £2,000 a year in damages to the home by the time they reach the age of ten years old. This cost is calculated by the amount of wallpaper is torn off, walls written on and carpets ripped – having children can be really expensive!

However, this Christmas doesn’t have to be so expensive, there are a number of creative ideas you can get your kids involved in to keep them from trashing your house. But, it is recommended that you look into the More Than home insurance extras (just in-case!).

Here are some creative ideas for your children this Christmas:

The darling deer

In order to create a deer:

  • Cover a cardboard tube with coloured paper (could be Christmas wrapping paper).
  • Using paper cut out a triangle shaped head and two large and two small ears.
  • Then glue the smaller ears onto the larger ones and fold in half – glue these to the top of the triangle.
  • Using felt, cut two circles for the eyes and glue on some googly eyes. Also, use a pom pom or red felt for the nose.
  • Glue the head onto the top of the tube and use pipe cleaners or twigs for the arms and legs.

Christmas stocking

To create a funky Christmas stocking:

  • Using felt, cut two sock shapes.
  • Staple both sides together leaving the top open.
  • Then, glue rick rack over the top of the staples in order to hide them.
  • Add a loop to the corner of the stocking to allow it to hand and decorate it as desired.

christmas stocking

Hanging snowmen

Create your own snowmen that won’t melt:

  • Using felt, cut out snow man shapes (try to use white felt).
  • Create a felt top hat for each snow man and stick it on their heads.
  • Punch a hole into each side of each of the snowmen.
  • Place a string through each one and hang them on your window for decoration.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 20.06.46

Christmas tags

Create your own Christmas present tags:

  • Using a biscuit cutter, trace the lines onto a piece of felt and coloured paper.
  • Cut out the shapes and glue the paper and felt together.
  • Punch a hole into the centre of each tag (at the top).
  • Add string through the whole and attach it to a gift.

With these ideas in mind and your children more and preoccupied, you can relax this Christmas in a safe house.


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