5 Easy Ways To Cheer Up Your Kitchen

You might know that last year we refurbished our kitchen. It was great and I was so in love with it until a couple of months ago when I realised that the shiny cream colour that I chose is not a very good idea when you have kids in the house.

You can seriously see all the little stains on it and even dust sits in a weird way.

Another thing that I don’t have anymore is space on the counter? When the hell did it fill up with so many jars and bags?


I seriously need to organise better don’t I? So…besides a little bit of tidying up some purchases were in order. Some I already made…some I am still to do.

If you like me you are bored of your kitchen but you know that there is no way to change it any time soon then stay close and read up.

Buy some quirky decorations for your kitchen walls – It can really be anything you fancy:  a nice picture, collage of vintage cards or even one of your children drawings. I wanted something to remind us chose of our time spent in London so I choose a clock:


I bought it from a website called Vivre – it’s quite a good one because you can find lots of nice and unique things there. I even bought some really nice flowery bed lingerie from there too.

I love it and it only costed about 4£. You can read more here about why you don’t have to spend loads to achieve your dream kitchen.

Pop some colour – And here again it can be anything you fancy. I am not very adventurous when it comes to colour so for me it is a bit hard but I am sure that something red coloured or bright orange will cheer you up. It could just red towels or I have my eyes on one of these kettles actually but I am still debating if should be a red one. KETTLE  If you don’t want to purchase anything big though or you already have a kettle ( I don’t) there here is another idea:

Create a space for your cookery books – I love cookery books. I love collection them and inspiring from them more than actually follow a recipe step by step. Here is a picture with my shelfs…a bit disorganised and not containing only books I know 🙂 But it looks a lot better than having them stacked on the counter.


My shelf is quite special to me because is like my personal space in my favourite room…my kitchen. However it can look a lot better than mine does! Have a look at some example below:

Get the right gadgets –  there are so many useful kitchen gadgets these days. From pasta making machines to smoothie blenders and from ice-cream makers to waffle irons, almost any food and function that you can imagine is now available at home. But no one has room to store all of those gadgets, and you don’t want your countertops to get so cluttered with electronics, you don’t actually have room to cook! So it’s important to be selective and choose wisely. A few, well-chosen quality items such as the Horsham Coffee Roaster if you love your java, or a KitchenAid mixer if you adore baking, will do so much to enhance your experience in the kitchen. Go with items that you know you will use often to make them worth including in your final set up.

Pop some dim light in your kitchen I didn’t buy some special lighting…not at all. I just left some of the lights up from Christmas time and oh how nice is just to walk in the kitchen and not have to turn all the lights. It’s quite nice to prepare my cup of tea like this.


I actually stole this idea from Nigella – one of my favourite lady chefs. She is always cooking in dim lighting and I love how calming it looks. What do you think?

So these are the little things I done. Still planning to jazz up my glass jars that I bought and now just sit on the counter and reorganise the cupboards but it is quite hard to do it when you look after 2 kids under 6 full time. Maybe someday I will have more time for this things…but now I get what I can when I can. LOL. For more ideas why not have a look at my Pinterest board – Vintage for some more ideas on how to cheer up your kitchen?

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