Living Arrows 2/52

Make them smile. This is what I keep telling myself. And I try to do it as much as I can. And they are always happy when mummy and daddy spend time with them.

Because daddy works away they spend more time with mummy and I try to make it as fun as possible whatever we do – play indoors, baking, visiting the really small play centre, going our for a walk to the park etc.

As I was telling you before though…because of the weather we do try and keep away from the outside cold…when is really chilli anyway.


anastasia anastasia1 ANASTASIA2 kara KARA1 KARA2 LADIES


My girls enjoy spending time with each other despite the age gap of almost 4 years and it is just great seeing them like this. And I love snapping away while they smile!

Next step will be to print some of these to put them up on my picture wall!


Living Arrows


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