Living Arrows #4

This last week both girls have been kind of ill so unlike the other week we spent quite a lot of time indoors.

The weather is kind of nasty anyway…cold…and rainy…not really the kind of day you would take your kids out really…

But it didn’t matter. We had fun. The only place I took my eldest during the week was her Zumba classes. I know I did mention them before but I never show you pictures from her class did I?



Although she can’t really follow all the steps her teacher does she loves doing zumba and I am happy to see her smiling and enjoying herself.


And of course she has moments when she is really concentrated to what she is doing…like below…bless her 🙂



She is my baby my first baby…she is growing fast…and now sits next to me wondering what I am typing here…and I say…”I tell my readers how much I love you”.

Her reaction? You guessed – she just smiles and tucks her head on my leg 🙂

And yes I love her lots!



Living Arrows

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