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This last week I started using more and more my husband camera. You see he left here for me to use and snap pictures but it is a lot heavier and newer than my Canon 450D so it took a while for me to grab and start using.

The pictures it takes and the lens is a 85mm prime and appropriate for close ups and portraits. When I witness at Christmas what it can do…I decided that I will use it a lot more so here it is…the pics I took in the last couple of days.


I do confess I did play a bit with picmonkey on the original 🙂

anastasia1 anastasia2

Anastasia’s pictures were taken in our house while she was playing with playdoh – her favourite play at the moment.

With Kara it happened outdoors on our way to her Zumba class…the weather was really cold and bitty and I think (hope) you can actually see it on her face.

kara kara1 kara2 kara4 kara5

Love how smiley Kara is in these photos and how surprise Anastasia looks.

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