Sisters #January

I really enjoyed taking part in the #Siblings photo project last year and I decided it is time to continue and maybe just name it differently – Sisters 🙂 I have two girls after all. It will still be the same thing though..snapping pics with my lovely daughters and tell you a few things about them!


The bond between my daughters is getting stronger and although they have their misunderstandings it is clear to all the people that lay the eyes on them how much they love and care each other.

God forbidden for one of them to be ill and suffering or to cry…the other one is there for her with hugs and kisses…And when you think about the fact that there are 3 years and 9 months difference between them and Anastasia is only 2 years old!


So what’s the latest?


  • She’s 25 months and as tall as her sister was at almost 3; plus she is heavier too!
  • Her language and the amount of words she knows increased too in both languages – romanian and english.
  • She finds it easier to speak more in romanian at the moment;
  • Her relationship with her daddy is a lot stronger than it used to be;
  • She enjoys playing by herself but not for longer than 20 – 25 minutes;
  • Although we had a few potty training atoms she is still in nappies and really don’t know how to go around it.




  • She is fast approaching 6 years old and is continuously talking about it. Bless her she doesn’t know that mummy and daddy already organised everything for her birthday.
  • Slowly but surely she transforms more in a child and little lady. She enjoys more grown up children things and although she loves her dolls she does prefer playing Lego.
  • Not sure you know but she lost her two bottom front teeth in the last couple of months – unfortunately one of them is a bit crooked but hopefully it will get in the right position when her maxillary will widen; She has three more moving too and she is quite excited about them falling!
  • She is slowly learning her letters and exercising reading so hopefully soon she will start reading her books by herself and to her sister. Her sister keeps asking her to do so.
  • She is really enjoying her ballet and zumba classes.
  • She would love to learn french but I think it will be a bit too much.


This is it for this month. We Will comeback next month with more photos and updates about my lovely daughters.


dear beautiful

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