My 26 month old baby – Living Arrows #6


Anastasia is not a baby anymore but I still feel like she is because she is my youngest. It feels really hard to let go actually…and without realising I am more protective with her than I am with my eldest…to which I probably expect a tiny bit too much…but its not something I can help myself with.


Even only a week passed since I was telling you about my youngest oh my it feels she changed so much since then. Her language is more developed and she is more aware of her surroundings. Nobody can fool her anymore and she is very strong-minded.

If she hears us (Kara and I) talking about leaving the house she asks to be taken too. Not very much in words but by bringing the shoes and saying…”come outside Ana come mummy”.

Even at lunchtime if her sister is missing when is time to eat or sleep she asks about her:

“wheres Kara?” …or in Romanian “Unde Kara? Unde?” and raising her hands like she can’t understand why she is not there.


When her sister is at school is just me and her…chatting , playing lego, cook (when i do it she usually sits on the kitchen worktop and try to help), argue – because she likes to take the clothes out of the wardrobe and “fashiin” – and you guessed she learned how from her sister 🙂


It is fun to look after her and will not exchange it for the world. This is where I see myself right now – looking after my girls.


Living Arrows


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