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Since she was about 2 years old my eldest started to use You Tube. She has her own account on gmail because I created for her when she was still a baby as a way to use Picasa to share pictures with the family that was living abroad.

Facebook was not an option then although I had an account…people just didn’t share as many personal pictures on there.

So when mummy receive an iPad as a present from daddy for her birthday besides doing her own thing(I started blogging in 2011) she started to also put her baby nursery rhymes on YouTube.

Little by little Kara started knowing more and more about it. She learned where to find and how to open the Youtube application not only on the iPad but on the iPhones too, to go straight to the history of her viewings and how to find her favourites. It really helped that I created an account for her as like that I was able to also restrict her Youtube account to view only things for kids.

Let’s watch use youtube around that time here:

The video was uploaded in november 2011 but at first it was only available for the people that have the link. I “think” I now made available for everybody. I am still learning the strings of it…YouTube that is.

Now almost 4 years later my eldest has become an expert and she taught her sister how to use it too. Over the years she moved from watching nursery rhymes to cartoons and then to review about toys, make up tutorials , Kinder surprise opening and so much more.

And…a couple of months ago…she requested to start doing her own YouTube videos. At first I was really surprised and didn’t quite understand how my 5 year old could even think of such a thing?!?

It was definitely a decision I had to take with my husband too…and as he was very open…We went for it and this is how my daughter’s You Tube channel was created…



IΒ helped her and IΒ will always try and fulfil her wishes as long as it doesn’t put her in a great danger. Anyway although I had to film her with my phone or my tablet we’ve done a couple of videos and here is what we end up with:

We filmed a couple more but I am still working at them and to a branding for the channel. As I said I am still learning the strings of it so will let you know of any updates as we go.


How about your child? Does your child like using YouTube? Will be nice to hear if your child/children have a YouTube channel and we will be happy to come and follow you!

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