Changing work patterns

The way people work today changes more and more. The 9-5 Monday to Friday are no longer the usual especially for new parents. Some give up work all together because the childcare is just way too expensive to afford working, some look for options to work from home , other cut their hours and work part-time.

As you know I kind of work from home at the moment although I am on the lookout for a more stable work opportunity. My husband is working away and has a lot to lose when it comes to family life. But it’s what we have to do at the moment.

I would’ve love to find a flexible job though…one that could enable me to do my work from the office or from home. But it is so HARD to find companies to agree with a flexible work schedule.

What would you say if a company would offer you such a job? Or if you were offered a job where you only had to work 4 days a week from Monday to Thursday?

I think I would definitely give it a try but a 4 day week could have ups and downs for all so busy parents. Over at Go To Meeting they analyse all these and it is quite interesting to read all the pros and cons so I invite you to do so to:

4-Day Work Week1


So what do you think?

Would you try it out? For the prospect of spending another day at home would you work longer hours?

Would love to hear your opinion!

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