Living Arrows #5

There’s no day passing at the moment without taking pictures of my girls. I want to have as many pictures as possible with my girls and document their growing up and evolution.

Last week I was showing you lots of pictures with my eldest attending her zumba classes. Today I want to tell you more about my youngest, my baby that is no longer a baby…Anastasia.

I feel so nostalgic just watching her…I realise how much I miss the time when she was still a baby. Now nothing can stop her…not even me. She is funny and witty…there is no day passing without my house being filled with her giggle. And oh my is so beautiful!

anastasiajan anastasiajan1

Like her sister she loves dancing and watching herself in the mirror especially when she is wearing a dress. She then calls herself “princessa”.

Bless! I so love seeing her grow but that doesn’t mean than I don’t miss the days when I could hold her in my arms for hours without her moaning about it. Now she wants to do things, to play, to do puzzles and help me around the home. And in every single thing she does she finds something funny.




Such a cheeky grin she has above isn’t she?

Despite the weather being so bad we still found moments to play and have fun indoors. And of course she is already used with mummy taking lots of pictures with her so she looks straight into the camera when she wants to anyway…



I am hoping that coming autumn she will start nursery – can’t believe it! What I know for sure is that she will shine and probably quite a ladder amongst her friends. She can already make her eldest sister make everything she wants 🙂 .


Thats it for now…and like my husband says…’Till next time.


Living Arrows


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