My daughter’s sadness

This past week was full of mixed feelings. I am talking about myself mainly here…but I am also talking about my eldest that gets really sad when talking to her daddy sometimes.

Well…she usually gets sad when she knows her daddy’s time to arrive is coming…You might say that she should be happy instead but I think that she’s is a bit too much like her mummy. No matter what plans we have for when daddy is here I always think about the time when he will have to go away again.

What can I do to make my almost 6 years old feel better?

Give her even more attention that she usually gets from me, leave the blogging for moments when she is asleep, watch Dr Who or whatever program she wishes in the evenings, play Lego…and so much more.


I think another reason for her sadness is the fact that my sister went back to Abu Dhabi too. She loves her aunty so much. Well my sister does spoil her a lot too! We will hopefully visit my sister together soon but until then I will manage to fill her life and her sister with lots of fun and distraction.

Look how she’s smiling in her aunty’s arms:



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