Sisters – Dressing up

My girls…my beautiful lovely girls..they are so funny and is nice to be around them when they are having fun. Of course not only…I love them so much and the love I have for them is growing every single day.


One of the activities they both love very much is dressing up – I guess all girls do but mine could play all day long like this. They do each other hair , they dance and pretend like they are the real princesses.

Kara is really into posing in pictures – what can I say she has the experience while Anastasia started to hide away her face. So hard to take pictures with her at the moment but at least I delighted you with more pictures the previous weeks.


g3 gg


They are so sweet playing with each other. In the picture below they were actually hiding away from me in the kitchen but mummy found them and snap a pic with both of them looking at me.


I am planning to frame one of the pics below but can’t decide which one – can you help me?

g7 g8


It’s amazing how small the height difference is between my girls considering that there are 3 years and 10 months difference between them. Anastasia is 2 years and 2 months and in only one months time Kara is turning 6 years old.

Kg ag

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures with my girls.

See you next time!

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