Ways to Celebrate the Woman in Your Life

Spring is getting closer and closer, which means that the time to celebrate women across the world is near. In Romania, we celebrate the arrival of spring on 1st of March by giving small presents to the women in our life. These presents could be something small called “martisor” or simply a bouquet of flowers.

Everybody is to receive a gift – from the youngest to the eldest. I remember that when I was a child, my dad use to buy my sister and I snowdrops, and freesias for my mum.



It was a nice way to start spring, and as freesias are my mum’s favourite flowers she was always really smiley that day.

When I was growing up,I would imagine what my future lover, boyfriend, husband will give me a present that will make me smile like my mum did. As we grow, our pretensions also grow, but gifts should always represent the love we have for one another.

My dad use to buy presents for Mother’s Day but they never made her smile as much as a bouquet of flowers.


I become a wife almost 9 years ago and a mum almost 6 years ago, so since then I’ve been waiting for special things from my husband and daughters. Unfortunately my husband is not the most romantic person and he always chose the practical kind of things…electronical stuff usually or simply a shop bought card. So…

But my girls always make me smile. The little gifts that my daughter used to make at nursery with her little hands alwayst made me feel over the moon.

So for my husband, and all the men that need to be reminded how to be romantic, here are my tips on how you should celebrate the woman in your life:

  • Write a letter or card with your own hand and write from your heart even if it’s a simple “I love you”
  • Give her a bouquet with all her favourite flowers in person followed by a big hearty hug
  • Make a photo album with your best ever moments or just moments in which she looks happy. Showing her how good she looks when she laughs will show how much you love her
  • Spend some time together. As parents, we are usually so wrapped up in parenting duties and day to day duties that we forget that it is important to share a bit of time together as a couple. Arrange childcare for a couple of hours and take her out for a glass of wine or surprise her in her lunch break by showing up when she is not expecting and just have a cup of coffee together. Things out of ordinary will make her feel special and feel butterflies in her stomach just like when she first met you.


  • Buy a really special present. If you really want to splash out, then you need to know on what to splash out on. I love receiving jewellery as it really makes me feel special. I still remember when my hubby gave me a ring for our one year anniversary. So if you are not yet married to the woman in your life, or you want to celebrate an anniversary you should have a look at some of the rings made by diamond experts, Vashi. I’ve been glazing over them since I realised that there is only one year left until my hubby and I celebrate 10 years since we got married. It could be time for an eternity ring!
  • Give her a break. Women spend a lot more time doing the household chores than men do. So do that give her a break. Send her away on a day trip alone or with her friends or just simply let her do whatever she feels like while you look after the kids and make the house look spotless for when she gets back home.

PS: If you have little angels in your home too, don’t forget about them either. Create nice memories  for when they grow up so they remember the things you have done for them like I remember what my dad did for me.


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