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We – my girls and I – are kind of mad for YouTube at the moment. We can watch it straight on the big TV thanks to our Samsung Smart Tv + Apple TV.

Everything – music videos , cartoon, crafting tutorials, kinder eggs cracking, parenting , nursery rhymes…etc. etc.

But of course we all prefer certain you tubers and channels and so I thought it will be cool to introduce you with our favourites!

Both girls really enjoy watching EvanTubeHD. Evan and his sister have more than 1 mil followers so we are not the only ones watching them with so much interest. They are cute and funny and they always smile and I think my eldest aspires to be as good as them in front of the camera. Here is what sort of videos they usually watch:

My youngest favourite channel is a nursery rhymes one of course and I love the fact that she gets up and dances while the songs are singing. Not alone of course…in the morning she has me and in the after noon her sister.

It’s just interesting that even a different channel pops up she always wants to get back to this particular one pointing out that “don’t like it mummy…not this one…” and as soon as she sees an image with her favourite one KidsCamp she says “this one mummy pls…”!

And of course she loves one particular song more than others…

When I am allowed mummy is watching/listening to music and one particular song she really likes is…

Or I try to keep up with my favourite bloggers Youtube channels. This week I want to introduce you to…Joy Jackson! I am sure that most of you know her well as Pinkoddy 🙂

Here is one of my favourite videos from her channel:

Now  we also done a couple of videos these last couple of weeks. Here they are below and we hope you like them:

And I finally managed to edit the video with the girls in the snow…

And there is also a new video on my daughters channel:



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