Signs of depression in children

There are almost 6 years since I discovered that I suffer of depression. At the beginning my GP just label it as PND – postnatal depression.

But when I had a look at my life even before I became a mother I realised that I always suffered of some sort of depression…even when I was a child.

You see my mum suffered of depression when she was pregnant with me and after that when she had a stillbirth. Plus, she told me that even her mum my grandmother suffered of depression when she was young.

According to scientists 50% of the cause of depression is genetic. I find this is amazing but on the other hand I fear that because of my history with depression , my mum history and my grandmother history my girls my suffer at some point of depression too.

It might be crazy but when I remember my childhood and the moments when I truly felt that I was unloved and wishing to just disappear….I can’t help not feeling upset and useless. I mean…if it’s genetic…how can you stop something like that from happening?

As parents we try to do our best for our kids – give them a good life and if possible a better life than we had when we were kids, make them happy by taking them places and buy them everything their heart wishes but…we still make mistakes.

Making mistakes as a parent is just something we can’t help…Some of us will make a mistake by giving their kids too much while the reverse will not give their kids enough for fearing that they will spoil them too much…

But what can we do?


We can keep an eye on the signs that show our child my be depressed. Identifying the signs of depression is not hard…we just need to pay attention.

So let me remind you the SIGNS of DEPRESSION:

  • Sadness that lasts most of the day
  • More crankiness and irritability than usual
  • An inability to have fun doing things that used to be fun
  • Regressing in behavior – acting younger than their age
  • Feeling tired all the time for no medical reason
  • Trouble sleeping through the night
  • Changes in appetite

(source –

My eldest shows sometimes some of the signs mentioned above…especially the 1st and the 4th one so I am trying to change her mood as much as I can when I see it. It usually happens when she sees me sad or when she misses her daddy.

But there are things I do all the time to keep the depression at bay:

  • When she is not at school I try as much as I can to keep her and her youngest sister busy – going out to the park or the play centre, setting playdates at home or at their friends, have activities with them like crafting, reading, constructing with lego etc and implicate them in what I do – cleaning, cooking, baking (it takes longer but it’s more pleasant).
  • I encourage them to express their feelings and wishes and to talk to me about anything and everything – my youngest can’t talk properly yet but my eldest tells me everything(almost I guess) and like that I can find out what worries her and what made her feel happy.
  • I try not to judge them and their actions – but I will ALWAYS tell them the things that I think they might’ve done wrong and ALWAYS praise them within reason when they done something good.
  • I cuddle and kiss them a lot! Sometimes too much actually so they know hoe much I love them.
  • Plus,  I show them how to “embrace happy”, how to look for the good in their life no matter how bad their day was…things I am learning how to do now from one of my fellow bloggers Karin. Her work via the Facebook group and her blog is beautiful and as it helps me I am sure it keeps helping others.

Do you worry about your children suffering of depression? Would be lovely to hear your story and you do to keep it at bay.

Signs of depression in children

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  • Karin Joyce

    What a positive post Otilia! I’m so pleased that you’re staying on top of things with your girls and helping them and yourself to Embrace Happy! Well done you!

  • MsXpat

    Very good and helpful post. Like you I’ve always suffered with the blues. I mum doesn’t talk much about thing or maybe that’s effect I had on her but I remember her giving me a book name HOw to Win over Depression, I must have been 11. In the late teens I also remember her telling me to keep busy to take my mind of things but we never talked about my feelings and honestly I didnt want to talk about them. In my 20s to 30s I was free then after having my son BOOM it all came back 10 ten fold . He’s now 4 and my 2nd is 2 years old, they are both happy fun kids but I do sometimes wonder if things will change. I watch their expressions, how they deal with their frustrations, like you I cuddle them alot and always encourage them to talk. As for me once again I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and try my best to give them a happy balanced childhood

    Thank your for sharing your story. Your are doing a great job! Be good to yourself and I hope your eldest is only experiencing growing pains but if its now you in a position to continue helping her as you are already doing.

  • Penny

    What a helpful post, and so important to share. It is so easy not to be involved in what your kids are doing, but makes me and them feel better when we are really doing stuff together, without phones/tablets and so on around.

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