Siblings in Disneyland #March


Our March Siblings post comes late this time around as we were away celebrating Kara’s birthday in Disneyland Paris! Oh yes! You read that right! And the girls loved their time there!

IMG_8793 IMG_8811 IMG_8815


We were not at all surprised to see how much they did love it actually and my youngest reactions when seeing the characters it was just priceless. Something that their dad and I will never forget. And hopefully our girls will look at the pictures with pleasure when they grow up. They certainly have quite a few!


Kara recognised that the best part about every single day was meeting the characters and the princesses…she didn’t care much about the rides..after all she’s only 6. My youngest loved Minnie…A LOT! I mean you can very well see it in the picture above…

Unfortunately though the weather played tricks with us and besides the first couple of days when we had sunshine and nice weather the rest were quite cold and we had to wrap the girls quite well as we feared they will get colds. And…Anastasia did run a bit of fever actually and hubby and I…but only after we got home…which is ok.


Despite the ugly weather we kept on going and the girls didn’t want to stop for naps or even lunch…and as you can imagine they just dropped in the evening. The easiest bedtime ever was while there.

Kara even fall asleep on her daddy shoulders while watching the Disney Dreams show on the day of her birthday…It was a long day after all…


IMG_9123 IMG_9139 IMG_9142 IMG_9186

The best part about Kara’s birthday was lunch at Auberge de Cendrillon as she met the princesses here.

Look at that big smile while standing next to Princess Aurora…



The girls also met Belle but we didn’t managed a good enough picture with both of them…She was the best too! Really pretty!

Also, Cinderella and Prince Charming had a long chat with my girl and although she had big emotions she managed it quite well! They even sang her “Happy Birthday”!. She said…”I will remember this forever mummy!”



I promise to post the videos we’ve done in the restaurant too! It was a special day and magic but as she didn’t get to see Rapunzel in the restaurant that day we had to make sure she will see her the next day!

And she did although we had to stand in a queue for like an hour and a half (it’s all about queues at Disneyland)….and the pictures say everything…



IMG_9590 IMG_9592

And then the day of our departure came by and it was the coldest of them all…at least we didn’t feel sorry we had to go. Well…now that the tiredness of the trip back home is wearing off….I think we do miss our time there!



IMG_9646 IMG_9659 IMG_9664



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