Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends!

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show...with Mickey & Friends!

Last month we visited Disneyland Paris as a family but didn’t really write a lot about it over here yet. We loved it so thought that it will be nice to share some of the good times we had there with you.

One of the surprises that we prepared for our daughters was the fact that we will go to the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends! I didn’t know what to expect really but husband was very excited to take the girls and do you know what they loved it. Both of them even though the youngest is only 2 and a half. Even now a month after every time she sees a horse she puts her right hand up and says…”Yiiiihhhhaaa”.

My girls were of course looking forward to see Mickey, Minnie and their friends but as soon as we walked through the doors all that changed. They were amazed with the decor and the fact that there was a little lady with an american accent singing and dancing on a little stage had them dancing too!



I so wish our video camera had battery to film them then…they just took off their jackets, pass them over, walked in front of the stage and started to dance.


Oh and of course you can imagine the excitement when they saw that Goofy got on the stage too!





After this little show we were invited to sit in our places. We were giving cowboy hats with a yellow bow so that meant that we were assigned to a special team – the yellow team of course.

This is not like any other show though as it is a watch and dine thing. So while watching the show you are giving food and drinks too in quite a funny way I thought. And that in total darkness! Can you imagine trying to find out what do you have in your plate and see if its suitable for your kids too? The food was good though – especially the chilli and it was presented in quite a funky way too!



While we were waiting for the show to start properly I had the chance to snap some photos with my daughters and hubby too:



My little cowgirl




Ah and there is also a picture with me and my youngest…not the best but still…a picture!



The show was really fun! We didn’t even realised when it finished really. Full of competitions between “teams” – ours was the yellow one with some really good looking “indians” :), display of lots of horses (for the delight of my youngest), Mickey and friends appearances, clowns etc.

buffalo2 Buffolo Bill buffolo bill1 buffolo bill2 Buffolo buffolo1 buffolo3 BuffoloBill




Overall it was a good experience and I bet that we will remember this show forever. If you plan to go though while you visit Disneyland Paris though do make sure you book it in advance as it will be a lot cheaper (not sure exactly how much) and that you bring some euros with you if you would like to have some wine. The drinks included in the price of the ticket are only water, coke or beer. And if you have kids under 3 although they are not paying they will not get a seat either so you will have to hold them in your arms during the show and feed them from your plate. Which is fine really but the spaces for a seat are not huge so you might struggle.

My husband paid for the tickets in advance – well the whole Disneyland experience was paid for in advance!

If you also visited Disneyland and went to the Buffalo Bill show will love to hear of how was your experience. We  said that we will definitely go back!

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