No more wild nights out!

My weekends and especially my Saturday nights are not as they use to be. My life after kids is let’s say at the opposite side.

Before kids hubby and I use to go out almost every single Saturday night, eat out, go to a club and comeback home the next day – Sunday morning. As you can imagine Sunday was spent mostly in bed and follow by a really late breakfast or straight a roast at the pub.

But no more weekends like that now.

My eldest daughter is almost 5 years old so the lost weekends are a long ago memory.

Even though the Sunday roast continued at the local pub for the following years the Saturday late nights stopped. Together anyway…I mean we still went out but mostly separate and comeback home by 11 PM. If you are a parent you know that kids don’t care that you go out the previous night and still wake up at 7 am the next morning.

I don’t even remember the last time we slept in later than 8 am!

These days my Saturdays are spent in front of the TV watching some program and/or with the laptop or iPad in my arms.

Yes, I am one of those women who can’t just watch a TV program and relax. My husband (when he is at home) always tells me off for that. He wants to cuddle and wonders how on earth I can concentrate?

So besides spending lots of my evening time on Twitter and Facebook chatting with my fellow bloggers and friends I play bingo. It can be quite addictive because of the free bingo bonus. My other really addictive game to play is Candy Crash – I know a lot of people are playing it! I also enjoy designing my other blogs and playing around with Picmonkey – a free internet photography tool that I highly recommend.

Playing with Pinterest is another activity I highly enjoy. I get to look at nice pictures, organise them in nice little folders and inspire to craft or cook/bake for my girls. Sometimes I get so inspired I just get my iPad in the kitchen and start cooking/baking.  The girls love it next day as they have something nice to munch on, husband is happy he can watch something he really likes and I feel tired and relax enough to go straight to sleep after that.

Now almost 6 years since I left my wild Saturdays I could not imagine my life being any different. I barely drink, I stopped smoking and started drinking lots of tea. It’s healthier and more enjoyable.

I would never exchange my girls cuddles and story telling with a crazy night out!


How about you? How do you spend your weekends?

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