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You know how proud I am with my country don’t you? As much as I can I always want to present to you,my readers, like it is with the goods and the bads.

On the other hand I love taking pictures with the places I am visiting in Romania but I am not a professional photographer so as much as I try I am not as fantastic as some of the photographers I want to tell you about here on my blog.

First comes a foreigner – a person that fell in love with Romania.

Kosei Miya was born in 1937 in Tokyo. He stutied literature, art and history and ethnology, economics and sociology. He began his career as a editor of the magazine Weekly Book Review where je worked between 1958 and 1964. In 1965 he discovers Romania. He falls involve with Romania and especially Maramures. His love for it will make him return every year.

After 1971 he is collaboration on a number of international publications. Many of his books and two volumes of photos – Rumanian Rhapsody (1986 ) and Europe Orientalis (1991 ) – are dedicated to Romania.The way he captures Maramures through his photography is really special.

“My Maramureș” – Miya Kosei

“My Maramureș” – Miya Kosei

His black and white photographies are amazing and he captures the people in their best moments. They make me feel like going back in time as life in Maramures is pretty much like this.

Romania Through The Lens – Kosei Miya Romania Through The Lens – Kosei Miya Romania Through The Lens – Kosei Miya



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