Sugar Free Lemonade


Now I did call this a lemonade in the title but this drink actually has more orange juice than lemon juice. However I still consider this a lemonade as the lemon is the one that comes through when drinking it.

Ingredients for the lemonade(for about 1l):

2 lemon

4 oranges

2 tbsp runny honey

sparkly water to top up

First wash and cut the lemons and oranges in half. Using a lemon squeezer and an orange one squeeze the juice out of the fruits in a big enough container.

My hubby got me the squeezers below and I love them. They can be found everywhere(Amazon, Dinghams) at the moment and they really takes all the juice out.

citrus squeezer

Next you need to mix the honey into the lemon and orange juice and pour the whole thing into a bottle or container. I like putting mine in a bottle like below and then top it up with sparkly water and keep in fridge. Like this it is ready to drink anytime I feel like it. However you can keep the juice as it is in the fridge and create your lemonade in a big jug when you are ready to serve.


At the beginning of this year I decided to stop buying drinks from the shops and although it took me a while to get the girls used to drinking lemonade like this they love it now.

My eldest even said that she loves it now because is not as sweet as others. She used to love to be treated with a can of Fanta every now and then.

Would love to hear what kind of homemade drinks you are having with your family so please do share your recipes.

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