The best

The best bits about life are the ones that you spend with the people you love, especially the ones you know you will be loving forever, until the time you spend here on earth will be over.

And yes I am talking about those little people you created – your kids.



I have two angels ( most of the time) and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for these two!  I ALWAYS put their needs and wishes in front of anything I need or wish for myself.


They are the pearls of my life,

the ones I pray for each day of my life,

the ones I always have in my mind,

and the ones I will love,

until the end of my time.

IMG_0440 IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0474 IMG_0485


I am sure that most of the parents feel and do exactly like me. For more posts like this one why not subscribe to this site and/or check the other posts that link up with the Living Arrows and the Siblings link up.



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